The NEPTVN PRO 400  finds its best expression with the addition of the 2 modular and removable aluminium structures:

The LEANING POST in the middle of the boat and the CASTING STRUCTURE in the stern.



A reinforced premium aluminium plate with 2 welded inclined rod holders and holes to insert pliers, scissors and various accessories.

2 holes on each side to connect the casting structures to the floor D-rings using strong fixing belts.

This structure is completely powder coated and covered by the hive design no slip EVA pad, to improve grip and stability while you are fishing standing on it.



In the middle of the boat is placed this modular structure composed of 4 parts:

A seat with 6 welded rod holders, holes for insert accessories and supports for the other 3 parts.

2 removable legs

A handle used during speed or used as the back of the structure for the angler who seat there.

You can fix the leaning post on floor using 6 D-rings for change 3 position and make 3 different configuration of the boat.

Also this structure is completely powder coated, the seat and the back are accessoried by 2 removable, confortable and water repellent cushions.

On The back of the leaning post there are 8 holes for smart store your hooks, on the seat triangular holes for scissors and pliers.


This structure always maintain tidy your boat.



3 main configurations changing the place of the lening post:


Fix the structure on the first 2 D-rings: now the leaning post is exactly in the middle of the boat and you can paddle it like a kayak without any effort.


Fix the structure on the second 2 D-rings: now you have the same distances for bow and stern from the leaning post, so 2 anglers can fish perfecly having the same space on boat.


Fix the structure on the last 2 D-rings: when you are fishing alone with this configuration you have really a lot of space to move comfortably on boat without waive to have a lening post where you can mount all your tackle.

Remember to use your immagination because If you use it the NEPTVN PRO 400 could have infinity configurations.


The NEPTVN PRO 400 comes with:

A super efficent HP1 hand pump with 2 differnt speeds, you won't believe how it will makes so easy and fast the inflation.

A rapair kit with Valmex PVC patches and the C7 valves key.

A smart water repellent transport bag for the most comfortable transport you ever try.

A modular double use paddle: with this accessory you can turn your boat to a paddle board or a kayak in just few seconds.

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