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It's not just a sexy shape, we design the most efficient shape in the market:

the progressive thinning of the tubular near the bow makes this boat so aerodynamic to exceed the speed of 25 mph with just a 10 hp outboard.

This means you will get the best performance ever saving a lot of money in everything you will buy: boat, fuel, engine and transport.

The tubular is divided in 3 air chambers: 2 for the stern 1 for the bow, considering also another air chamber for the dropstitch floor the hull is divided in 4 air chamber.

You must feel super safe because NEPTVN PRO 400 is virtually unsinkable.



When it brakes waves divides them into 3 parts: 2 outside the keel and 1 channeled inside the hull 

this allows to reduce friction on water, increase stability and maximize speed.



Along the entire boat perimeter runs a super strong rubber reinforcement with a smart profile.

In case of impact, the stress is discharged directly on this reinforcement without compromising the tubular. All the logos are made by this material as well, cool design and functionality are the key words.  


The hull bottom is reinfoced with a super strong and knurled rubber: when you are on water this ensure a greater grip in veer, 

when you are out of the water you could drag the boat on rocks and it will not be damaged at all.


We selected the best materials to make the most performing, lightest, strong and fast boat of the world.


We don't use the standard cheap PVC used for common inflatable boats, we use the MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES VALMEX® FABRIC 0.9mm 1100 dtex, made in German.

Several layers of PVC are combined with a Polyester base fabric of high strenght, These layers give flexibility, elasticity, airtightness and resistance against mechanical damage. This means Your NEPTVN PRO 400 is resistant to abrasion , UV rays and weather, is dirt-repellent and insensitive to high temperature conditions.

Every PVC parts of the NEPTVN PRO 400 are not simply glued, are HOT WELDED with a process that makes them structurally eternal.




When you' ll try the rigidity of NEPTVN PRO 400 floor you won't believe it's inflatatble.

That's because we use a super high pressure 1000 D PVC dropstitch, with a max pressure of 17 psi.

This floor is insertable and removable from the hull in seconds or could stay always inserted,

thanks to this innovative technology the entire hull have the same transportability of a paddle board or a belly boat.



Water repellent and no slip PVC pads, with a super cool beehive design, allow the entire boat to be more efficient and safe.

4 pads on tubular: 2 pads near the leaning post, they are used for switch stern to bow safety or to sit if you choose to remove the structure;

2 pads on stern to better fix the casting structure or to have better grip if you want to put your feet on the tubular.

The dropstitch floor is completely covered by the beehive EVA instead, to make it stronger, harder and safer.



On the NEPTVN PRO 400 hull are welded 14 eternal D-RINGS:

5 big D-rings on the tubular makes various spot for anchor the boat, 9 small D-rings on the dropstitch floor for fix the lenaning post and the stern casting structure in a modular way.

Every D-rings are made by INOX steel so you can be sure their durability is eternal.




Two of these super smart inserts compatible with rod holders, fish finder mounts, platforms, illuminate I360 and every product of railblaza company.

You have only to choose what accessories you need for your boat and these mounts can hold them all with just a fast click.



Super hight seal valves on NEPTVN, this type of air valve is used for military application because of their safty, strength and impermeability.

The valve twister and the body are connetted by an O-ring instead the common nylon line, so when you screw the twister on the body the entire valve become 100% bomb proof.


Inside the valve's body  there's a strong air regulator, remember to check his right position before inflate and deflate for have the best performance possible.

3 valves on tubular and one on the dropstitch floor allow the faster inflation and deflation ever of a complete hull.

In 4 minuts your boat is inflate, in 2 minuts is deflate and you are ready before anyone without any effort in transport and setting.

3 premium relief valves on tubular makes the pressure of the boat always monitored, you never have to worry about pressure increase or decrease.


7 handles on the tubular made by military grade PVC, hotwelded and stitched: 

whether you want to use them to have a secure grip during speed or to transport the boat in and out of the water, these strong handles make everythings comfortable and safe.


Super strong transom reinforced with two plates and fixed on the tubular with specific rubber protection, it can virtually hold any type of outboard.

To avoid the problem of the water inside the boat, for example in case of rain, we add a smart water drainer: this trick let out instantly all the water that comes into the boat just pulling a lever.



NEPTVN PRO 400 is a 4 m boat with big aluminium structures and yes, it can fits in so a small place.

Take it wherever you go, put it on the top or in the trunk of your car and travel without the price and effort of having a truck.

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